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           Writer of      children's books


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Real worlds to explore!

I write information books. Most of them are for children or teenagers, but some are for adults too.

Do you want to find out about ancient treasure, smugglers, shipwrecks or castles? Do you want to travel to distant lands and meet the people who live there? Why not discover nature’s secrets or track wild animals in Africa? Perhaps you are interested in the way our society works, or in debating the big issues that are in the news. Read, ask questions, have fun...

You will find my books in homes, schools and libraries around the world. Click on the sidebar to find out my past and present published titles. You will find topic books, atlases, encyclopaedias, guide books and biographies. You may even find books that pop up, fold out, light up or make noises! All of these books have exciting and colourful illustrations.

Parents and teachers: my more recent publications will still be in print, available from your local bookshop, from book clubs or from online retailers such as  http://www.amazon.co.uk/ and http://www.abebooks.co.uk/. Some books may be ordered online direct from the publisher. Llyfrau Magma publications can be ordered from http://www.llyfrau-magma.co.uk/. Many titles are available in overseas (non-UK) editions and are published in many languages. Less recent titles may still be found in libraries and are reissued in new formats from time to time.

The world of publishing is changing fast, so I also write text for websites as well as blogs. Sometimes I work with galleries, museums and heritage organisations. I provide text for their exhibition panels, books, leaflets or trail guides. These may be aimed at adults, or all the family.

Whatever the format – let’s find out the facts!

  What’s new?

• Hot issues!

Coming from Hachette’s Wayland imprint is a new series called Behind the News. It goes behind the headlines to unpick some of the trickiest issues of modern times. It looks at people’s personal stories, at the bigger political picture, at public opinion, questions of ethics, new media and the law. The aim of this series? To kick off a debate and get young people talking.

Russia and Moscow

Behind the News

School Shootings 978-0750282529
August 2014

Middle East Uprisings 978-0750282550
August 2014

Hostage Takers 978-0750282543
September 2014

Race and Crime 978-0750282567
September 2014

Global Financial Crisis 978-0750282536
October 2014

Russia and Moscow