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THE MAGNIFICENT BOOK OF TREASURES: ANCIENT EGYPT (US edition) is published on 26 October 2021 by Weldon Owen. It showcases fabulous artefacts from Ancient Egypt: golden thrones, feathered crowns, royal board games, jewellery and daggers. You can meet princesses and pharaohs, jackal-headed gods and star-spangled goddesses, vultures and hippos, hedgehogs and snakes. You can see the ancient people of the Nile as they plough their fields, bake their bread or stroll in their palace gardens.

The text unravels ancient mysteries and magic, analyses arts and crafts and explores long-lost tombs, bringing the past back to life. The Ancient Egyptians may appear to be obsessed with death, but in reality they loved life to the full, and wanted to live forever. 

The author is Philip Steele, based in Wales. The detailed and lush illustrations are by the artist Eugenia Nobati, who lives in Buenos Aires,  Argentina.

THE MAGNIFICENT BOOK OF TREASURES: ANCIENT EGYPT (US edition) Hardback US$18.99  80pp ISBN 978-1681885581