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In November 2023 the giant-format French edition of The Magnificent Book of Treasures (Le Livre Extraordinaire de l'Égypte Antique) published by Little Urban, was awarded the Prix Historia Livre de Jeunesse 2023.

THE MAGNIFICENT BOOK OF TREASURES: ANCIENT EGYPT was originally created and published in Autumn 2021 by Weldon Owen Children's Books. It showcases fabulous artefacts from Ancient Egypt: golden thrones, feathered crowns, royal board games, jewellery and daggers. You can meet princesses and pharaohs, jackal-headed gods and star-spangled goddesses, vultures and hippos, hedgehogs and snakes. You can see the ancient people of the Nile as they plough their fields, bake their bread or stroll in their palace gardens.The text unravels ancient mysteries and magic, analyses arts and crafts and explores long-lost tombs, bringing the past back to life. The Ancient Egyptians may appear to be obsessed with death, but in reality they loved life to the full, and wanted to live forever. THE MAGNIFICENT BOOK OF TREASURES: ANCIENT EGYPT  Hardback UK £12.99   80pp ISBN 978-1681885582

WHAT DO WE KNOW ABOUT HISTORY? was published by DK in August 2023. It poses fascinating questions from human origins through to the 21st Century, exploring developments in all the continents ...How the Phoenicians traded, who built Machu Picchu, where was the Byzantine empire, what was the Underground Railroad, who were the Suffragettes?...

WHAT DO WE KNOW ABOUT HISTORY Hardback UK £13.20 144pp ISBN 978-0241599563

Curious Questions and Answers: Fossils (Miles Kelly Publishing  July 2022  32pp  978-1789892161 £12.99),

This book digs up the distant past to discover fierce dinosaurs, the first birds and mammals, gigantic insects and enormous snakes. What are fossils, and how are they formed? We have a lot of fun finding out!

Curious Questions and Answers: Nature's Wonders  explores the marvels of our planet with good humour and amazement (Miles Kelly Publishing  32pp  ISBN 978-1789892208  £12.99).