What's New?

September 2018:  Just  published by Dorling Kindersley is a fresh look at those ever popular Vikings. DKfindout! VIKINGS introduces younger readers to medieval Scandinavia's raiders and traders, their swords and shields, their runes and riddles. It sorts out the facts from the fiction. Meet the expert: Søren Nielsen. of Roskilde's Viking Ship Museum, tells how they reconstructed a longship called the Sea Stallion.

DKfindout! VIKINGS by Philip Steele, consultant Dr Ragnhild Ljosland. Hardback ISBN 978-1465477125 £13.04 / Paperback  £5.99  ISBN 978-1465471208  6-9 years  64pp

October 2018 will see the publication of Project WEATHER from Miles Kelly PublishingThis new title offers young children a cheerful and colourful first introduction to weather and climate, come rain or come shine. It is packed with amazing facts and figures. How do hurricanes form?  What makes it snow? Why is the water cycle a life-support system for planet Earth? Hands-on projects provide simple science and fun. 

Project WEATHER by Philip Steele. Paperback £7.99 32pp ISBN 978-1786175312

 2019 promises to be  be a lively year, with new titles currently in preparation with Templar, Quarto Children's Books and Dorling Kindersley. 

Meanwhile 2017 titles now making their mark include First Atlas from Miles Kelly, also Trailblazers PIRATES and TOMB RAIDERS from US imprint Silver Dolphin. 

For older readers, Wayland offers six current affairs debates in their Question It! series – OIL, WATER, FOOD, POPULATION, NATURAL HABITATS and CLIMATE CHANGE. Catch up on the big issues facing the modern world.