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CITIES IN LAYERS was published by Bonnier Books UK's Big Picture Press imprint in summer 2020. It strips back the history of six world cities, comparing the present with key stages of historical development.. Peel back the past to see how the cities change and grow. The focus is on New York City, London, Paris, Rome, Istanbul and Beijing. The text is by Philip Steele, and the wonderful illustrations by Andrés Lozano present history as a colourful cavalcade, He celebrates  soaring spires and minarets, forts and skyscrapers, theatres and arenas, rivers and docks. This book reminds us that the city streets we walk today have many stories to tell.

CITIES IN LAYERS Hardback £17.99  62pp ISBN 9781-787410794

The ATLAS OF GREAT JOURNEYS  was published by Welbeck in October 2020. This book allows readers to follow in the footsteps of the most daring adventurers as they set out to explore the unknown. Philip Steele's text is accompanied by fascinating map illustrations by Christian Gralingen. Fact pages tell the stories of each expedition - what dangers they faced, how long they travelled, and much more. This book has a unique Augmented Reality component that magically brings these journeys to life. Use your tablet or phone on each map spread to trace the routes they took and read about every stage of their journeys.  

THE ATLAS OF GREAT JOURNEYS  Hardback £17.99  48pp ISBN: 9781-783125104

The year 2020  also brought a fun new primary title from MIles Kelly – Curious Questions & Answers about WEATHER. This investigates all sorts of facts about our weather, including the wild, the wonderful and the downright weird.  

23 March 2021 sees the publication of ESCAPE THE MUMMY'S TOMB , an entertaining combination of a puzzle, information and story book. It is produced by Weldon Owen Children's Books and published in the USA under the  Earthaware Kids imprint. 

Keep well, keep safe!

CURIOUS QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS ABOUT WEATHER   Hardback   £9.99 32pp ISBN 9781-789890778