What's New?

November 2017 1 of 6 Wayland hardback 48pp ISBN 978-1526303394 £13.99
November 2017 1of 6 Wayland hardback 48pp ISBN 978-1526303370 £13.99
September 2017 1 of 6 Wayland hardback 48pp ISBN 978-1526303356 £13.99
September 2017 Silver Dolphin in USA 64pp ISBN 978-1626869509 US$19.99 [UK £16.38]
October 2017 Silver Dolphin in USA 64pp ISBN 978-1626869509 US$19,99 [UK £16.38]

• Vikings in 30 Seconds (see below) romps though the amazing history of the Vikings, but on the way offers a wealth of detail about everything from shipbuilding to raiding and trading, life around the hearth of a longhouse, fashion and festivals. Published by Ivy Press in March 2017.  Age 8-11 years.

•  Wayland  published a new series called Question It! between July and November 2017 (see top). This included six titles about key environmental issues in the news – Climate Change, Oil, Water, Food, Natural Habitats and Population.       Age 10-16.

• Miles Kelly published this new First Atlas (see below) in August 2017 – a fresh and cheerful introduction to the world in pictorial maps. Age 5+.

• The US Silver Dolphin imprint has published two titles (see above) in the Trailblazers series: Tomb Raiders (September 2017) explores tombs of the mummies in Ancient Egypt, while Treasure Hunters (October 2017) takes you around the Seven Seas in search of pirate gold.

• 2018 publications will include new titles from Dorling Kindersley, Miles Kelly and Quarto.  Watch this space!

August 2017: Miles Kelly hardback 48pp ISBN 978-1786172242. Age 5+.
March 2017: Ivy Press softback 96pp ISBN 978-1782404620 UK £7.99 Age 8-11.