What's New?

Forthcoming November 2017 1/6 Wayland hardback 48pp ISBN 978-1526303394 £13.99
Forthcoming November 2017 1/6 Wayland hardback 48pp ISBN 978-1526303370 £13.99
Published September 2017 1/6 Wayland hardback 48pp ISBN 978-1526303356 £13.99
Published September 2017 Silver Dolphin in USA 64pp ISBN 978-1626869509 US$19.99 [UK £16.38]
Forthcoming October 2017 Silver Dolphin in USA 64pp ISBN 978-1626869509 US$19,99 [UK £16.38]

• In Autumn 2016 Carlton published a photographic introduction to The Holocaust. (below left). This attempts to document the darkest years of the last century, to help older children come to some understanding of these terrible events, and to learn the lessons they hold for for humanity. Recommended by the School Library Journal  (USA, September 2016) and the School Library Connection (USA, November - December 2016). 

• Vikings in 30 Seconds (see below) romps though the amazing history of the Vikings, but on the way offers a wealth of detail about everything from shipbuilding to raiding and trading, life around the hearth of a longhouse, fashion and festivals. Published by Ivy Press in March 2017.  Age 8-11 years.

• Miles Kelly published this new First Atlas (see below) in August 2017 – a fresh and cheerful introduction to the world in pictorial maps. Age 5+.

• Appearing during  2017 is a series called Question It! (see top), to be published by Wayland. This will include six titles about key environmental issues in the news – Climate Change, Oil, Water, Food, Natural Habitats and Population. They will be published in pairs between July and November 2017.  Age 10-16. 

• To be published this autumn under the US Silver Dolphin imprint are two titles (see above) in the Trailblazers series: Tomb Raiders (September 2017) explores tombs of the mummies in Ancient Egypt, while Treasure Hunters (October 2017) takes you around the Seven Seas in search of pirate gold.

NEW September 2016 Carlton hardback, 96pp ISBN 978-1783122233 UK £14.99
NEW August 2017: Miles Kelly hardback 48pp ISBN 978-1786172242. Age 5+.
NEW March 2017: Ivy Press softback 96pp ISBN 978-1782404620 UK £7.99 Age 8-11.