What's New?

June 2019:  Just  published by Dorling Kindersley is a fresh look at everyday medieval life. Following on from 2018's DKfindout! VIKINGS, we now have  CASTLES in the same successful series. We introduce younger readers to castle design and defence,  to medieval warfare, to knights, arms amd armour, and to the many people who lived and worked in castles. Libby MacInnes, Trebuchet Master at Warwick Castle, even  tells us what it takes to build a mighty siege engine called a trebuchet!

My First Fact File  THE VIKINGS Ivy Kids, consultant Dr Ragnhild Ljosland, illustrated by Steff Murphy Paperback £8.99  ISBN 9781-782409045 48pp 

October 2018 saw the publication of Project WEATHER from Miles Kelly PublishingThis title offers young children a cheerful and colourful first introduction to weather and climate, come rain or come shine. It is packed with amazing facts and figures. How do hurricanes form?  What makes it snow? Why is the water cycle a life-support system for planet Earth? Hands-on projects provide simple science and fun. 

As of September 2019 I have two new titles in preparation with Miles Kelly Publishing. Watch this space!

Project WEATHER by Philip Steele. Paperback £7.99 32pp ISBN 978-1786175312 32pp

Autumn 2019 sees Ivy Kids re-issuing The Vikings in their My First Fact File series.

London Book Fair 2019  was one of the most upbeat in recent years, and I have a wide variety of exciting new projects in hand, some nearing completion and some in the early stages of development. 

Forthcoming publishers for 2019-20 include Templar (Bonnier Group) , Carlton Kids and Weldon Owen Children's Books.  

DKfindout! CASTLES  consultant Dr Jenny Benham,  Flexibound  ISBN 9780-241358436   Paperback  £5.99   ISBN 978-1465471208 64pp